by ev_vy
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5th Feb 2012
Outside the Box by Shati
Life's eternal, epic struggle. KITTY.
5th Feb 2012
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag by AbsoluteDestiny
Hilarious and adorable. KITTY.
5th Feb 2012
Me and Lazarus by Mithborien
Vid for the movie Daybreakers, beautiful and bloody, marvelously surprising song choice.
5th Feb 2012
Devil's Got Your Boyfriend by lilly-the-kid
Disturbing and wonderfully spooky.
5th Feb 2012
Me Against the Music by Greensilver
Meticulously, brilliantly edited, incredibly danceable vid of the movie Red.
5th Feb 2012
Hot in Herre by Sweetest Drain
Beautiful, powerful, deeply disturbing vid of the movie Cabaret.
18th Aug 2011
Land of Confusion by Destina/Barkley
V. The original V. The real V. This vid captures the best parts of a truly awesome 80s classic.
10th Aug 2011
Perfect Drug by danegen
Masterful analysis of Erik's relationship to Charles and Shaw.
10th Aug 2011
Rolling in the Deep by arefadedaway
Erik and Charles, all movies through X-Men First Class. Overwhelmingly emotional.
4th Apr 2011
Falling Down by obsessive24
Magnificent, epic Angel character study.
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"