by ev_vy
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8th Aug 2007
The 6 Between Us by Kitty
Creepy and effective Evil!Sam vid with a unique use of effects and coloring.
24th May 2008
The Fifth Circle by Luminosity
Stunning, epic portrayal of Sam's struggle in the aftermath of his resurrection. Lum uses outside source to create a nightmarish, terrifying vision of hell and the consequences of Dean's deal.
14th Aug 2007
Want by Destina
This vid ostensibly represents the point of view of Evil in the Supernatural 'verse - but can easily be interpreted as representing the desires of the fans, as well. Both thought-provoking and beautiful.
3rd Jun 2007
Watch the Sky by Astartexx
Astartexx has made several Supernatural vids, all of which are technically excellent and many of which have gotten more attention, but this is my favorite of hers. There's something so touching about her portrayal of Sam, and how he gradually learns to come to terms with this life, that stays with me long after I've finished watching.

Plus - she remastered this vid on Jan 5, 2008, and it's looking even more lovely than it did originally.
24th Sep 2007
Windowsill by Sweetest Drain
This is a beautiful retelling of Sam's arc throughout Seasons 1 and 2; I'm not really a Sam-girl, but this vid made me ache for him.
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