by ev_vy
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8th Mar 2011
I'm Yours by aycheb
This is the show I wish Glee was.
6th Mar 2011
Numb by counteragent
Really disturbing look at Sam's arc.
6th Mar 2011
The Senorita and the Doctor by valoise
Beautifully edited portrait of the relationship between the Doctor and the Queen/Tessa
6th Mar 2011
Run Fast by gigglemonster
Gorgeous Caroline Forbes character study.
5th Sep 2010
Boom Boom Pow by Hollywoodgrrl
Awesomely danceable and exciting ensemble vid.
5th Sep 2010
2020 by Kuwdora
Gleefully violent portrayal of the show's first season.
5th Sep 2010
On the Prowl by Sisabet and Sweetest Drain
One way of looking at fandom. (The vidders choose not to warn; take that seriously)
5th Sep 2010
Things Have Changed by Greensilver
A wonderful tribute to Dark!Wesley.
31st Jul 2010
Holiday by Kitty
Fun, snappy day-in-the-life portrait of Max
23rd May 2010
Bale Out Christian Bale Remix by Kiki Miserychic
A look at Dollhouse from someone who does not, er, share my criticism of the show. It's set to that mix of Christian Bale's freakout, and the insane thing is it really, really works.
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"