by ev_vy
8th Jul 2012
Glad You Came by Greensilver and sisabet
The Avengers, all the feelings, despite the fuzzy cam footage.
23rd Mar 2010
Here it Goes Back Again by thingswithwings
Back to the Future trilogy. Whee!!!
5th Feb 2012
Hot in Herre by Sweetest Drain
Beautiful, powerful, deeply disturbing vid of the movie Cabaret.
16th Aug 2012
Martin Scorsese by Jetpack Monkey
To tell you anything about this vid in advance would spoil it.
5th Feb 2012
Me Against the Music by Greensilver
Meticulously, brilliantly edited, incredibly danceable vid of the movie Red.
5th Feb 2012
Me and Lazarus by Mithborien
Vid for the movie Daybreakers, beautiful and bloody, marvelously surprising song choice.
5th Oct 2012
Rudy Boy Resort by Cherryice
Iron Man movies; the editing will leave you breathless.
17th Nov 2008
Skin by chasarumba
Casino Royale (2006). Gorgeous, gorgeous cutting. No, make that spectacular cutting.
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"