by ev_vy
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12th Aug 2007
Boulevard of Broken Songs by Destina/Barkley
Who knew that the fantastic Boulevard of Broken Songs mashup had a dance remix? And who knew that the Masculine Angst of characters from SG, Firefly, Farscape, and Supernatural could be so danceable?
23rd Mar 2010
Can Delight by jescaflowne
Cheerleaders who save the world. Kinetic and terrifically fun with amazing use of effects.
21st Aug 2008
Climbing Up the Walls by obsessive24
A dark, intense meta multi vid on incest OTPs. It's like she probed my id and made a vid just for me.
8th Apr 2007
Data's Dream by GF & TS
A sumptuous, gorgeous tribute to fandom and imagination.
10th Jan 2008
Destiny Calling by counteragent
This is a fantastic tribute to vidders and vidding. Instead of using clips from TV shows or films, it uses clips from other vids, showcasing, like, a billion different vids from a billion and eleven different fandoms - including a whole bunch of vids that I've rec'd here. It's an absolute treasure that should not be missed.
12th Aug 2007
Filthy Mind by Sol Se
A glorious montage of parallel images from, like, every genre television show made in the last 10 years. Plus some movies. Mere words cannot express my love for this awe-inspiring piece of work.
18th Jul 2008
I'm Your Man by Charmax
Charmax displays a truly formidable knowledge of pop culture history in this extraordinarily broad tribute to female characters in movies and television who transcend boundaries.
5th Sep 2010
On the Prowl by Sisabet and Sweetest Drain
One way of looking at fandom. (The vidders choose not to warn; take that seriously)
16th Aug 2012
Starships! by bironic
Joyous and breathtaking.
26th Feb 2008
Uncommercial Song by Lithium Doll
Okay, I'm biased. This vid was made for me - literally - when I purchased LD's services at the Sweet Charity auction. But she did everything I wanted and so much more; it's stunningly beautiful and wonderfully sentimental in the best possible way. *draws sparkly hearts*
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"