by ev_vy
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1st Apr 2007
All That I Am by Lithium Doll
One thing that I find so fantastic and unusual about this vid is how LD literally made the drum beats represent Dean's character -- or, more accurately, represent how Sam thinks of Dean. Matching images to music is something all vidders do - and a vid is more or less successful depending on how well that is accomplished. But this vid goes a step further: A particular instrument is used to signal a character, like in Peter and the Wolf. And, incidentally, the drums are an amazing aural representation of Dean. Like, if you had to pick one sound in the universe to be Dean, that's the sound you'd choose. Or, certainly, the sound Sam would choose.
27th Oct 2008
Dead by danegen
Danegen has this amazing eye for visual parallels, and she uses it to great effect in this gorgeous, clever, action-packed vid.
13th Jan 2008
Ghost Song by Greensilver
Spooky and mournful Sam vid that pairs rapid editing with a slower-paced song; it's a very unusual style that works incredibly well.
6th Apr 2007
God Says Nothing Back by Morgan Dawn
By now, anyone who cares about Supernatural and vidding has probably seen this one, which is an ideal marriage of imagery, character, fandom, and song choice. But if you happened to miss it - go. download. now.
17th Nov 2007
Heavy by lsketch42
Effective and haunting retelling of the Sam and Dean relationship arc.
6th Mar 2011
Numb by counteragent
Really disturbing look at Sam's arc.
11th Jan 2015
Radioactive by counteragent
Searing, agonizing indictment of how Sam's body is treated on the show.
23rd May 2010
Sea Lion by Lithium Doll
Oh, Dean!
10th Nov 2008
Stay Awake by proof pudding
Aching, painful depiction of what the brothers must endure.
23rd May 2010
Supernatural (In My Pants) by Deirdre_C
The most hilarious crack that ever cracked.
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"