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American Music
American Music by The Violent Femmes ¤ Comments: 2
20th Jul 2006 320 x 240 15.3 MB 3:48 wmv download
20th Jul 2006 320 x 240 7.2 MB 3:48 wmv download
20th Jul 2006 480 x 360 43.3 MB 3:48 wmv download
26th May 2007 720 x 480 49.4 MB 3:48 avi download
NotesThere may be some stylistic similaries to my earlier Highlander vid, All These Things That I've Done. In retrospect, that isn't surprising, really, because the two series are similar in that the charm of each lies in the notion of living multiple lives throughout history. Hell, just compare their opening credits (uhh ... with the sound off. Queen has little in common with -- what would you call it? Happy synth?)
Just watched this for the first time and DAMN. You really made the most beautiful case for QL. This song is something I never would have considered for this show but it was absolutely perfect!
11th Jul 2011
thingswithwings on LJ made a glowing rec that had me running here to watch, and I am swept off my feet! It's brilliant. Bravo, and thank you. :-)
10th Feb 2008
"Get a life, will you, people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show!"